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hmm... what to write what to write? i should really plan this blog better shouldn't i.
who was that, what are you doing inside my puny brain? oh wait, it's me.
"yeah, you talk to your self. what a loner. i'm just a figment of your imagination who wants to talk to someone, so i dont need a life. you do"
i hate you imagination, i am going to ignore you now

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Thrice Dozer
age: spends so much time sleeping never appears to age (13)
hair colour: black
eye colour: looks like the one big pupil
height: 4 ft 10 and a half
weight: 6 stone
wears: jeans, a t-shirt of any colour and any jumper
nationality: irish
history: unrecordable, yet it is a theory that he was among the first children of the ancients and fell asleep and woke up in the twentieth century
family: possibly the ancients, definitely has a brother who never sleeps and a sister who spreads nightmares, they are triplets
enemies: none yet
magic: putting animals, people and beings to sleep (it really drains him) and spreading good dreams
distinctive features: really messed up hair
personality: sleepy, not mean, not nice, hates conflict, puts wars to sleep. clumsy
favorite quote: wha? whosaywhat? 57 sheep
likes: sleep
job: nightmare hunting
favorite weapons: prefers not to fight, if he has to will turn anything, even a boat, ino a lethal weapon
transport: can accidentally teleport while sleeping
never seen without: a yawn
in five words: sleepy, yawning, peaceful, sleepy, calm

i might add more soon

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