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Friday, December 10, 2010

fanfic so far 'cuz dragona rushed me

Sarthacus Bolt and I were in my little trireme. Technically Lunar Tears was there too, her ghost in a soul catcher. We were searching for a way to get lunar a body back. We tried all the little Greek islands, most of Europe and now we were heading for Ireland, where there was rumoured to be a sorceress who might be able to get Lunar’s body back. Back in Crete they had gotten separated from some friends, Orius Rove, Darkane Claw Kallista Pendragon and Nicolette Croga. They were hoping they would make their way towards Ireland.
       “Thrice, land ahoy” called Sarthacus from the crows nest. that’s me, Thrice Dozer
       “A few sea hags coming in from the left” I roared over the wind.
       I began to just whack them with shields as Sarthacus burned them up with fire and hacked at them with his sword and axe , looking weird in greek armour using the elements.  I was wearing Greek armour and using Greek weapons, nothing odd.  Sheilds, no good, so I replaced the two shields with a bow, much more effective than  shields.
       Sea hags are overwhelming, you could lose a fight against fifty of them with ten, powerful friends. You could never win one hundred with a sleepyhead (that’s me, my powers are putting people to sleep) and an elemental. They were starting to climb onto the ship. I fired like my life depended on it -which it did- and Sarthacus was surro-unded, with his helmet being used as a weapon, it was surprisingly effective owning to the large, axe like spine going down the back.
       We couldn’t hold out much longer.
       Out of nowhere, a ball of light appeared obove our ship, clearing out to show a jousting field and a knight with a full face helmet and clad in armour charging at us with a look of bemusment on his face, wondeing the same thing as we were: what the hell? The medevil knight came into the greek world.
       “send me back, you Greek idiots” then the knight looked around “I hope these things are friendly” he said, indicating the sea hags, who were still in bemusment.
      Judging on the weapons in our hands, he figured they weren’t friendly. Then he grabbed a sword and drew a thing that looked like a pistol but fired arrows and blurred into a whirlwind of destruction, making the sea hags evaporate three per second, making me and Sarthacus feel like the most hopeless warriors ever. This guy wasn’t normal.
      The knight let the last sea hag go, which neither of us would have done. He turned to us. “that was fun, can I go back jousting now” he wasn’t even out of breath.
     “I don’t know how you came to be here, but I did not summon you” said Sarthacus.
     “I am Dragona Pine, I need passage to Camelot” said Dragona.
     “Camelot? Where is that?” I asked.
     “Camelot, you’ve never heard of Camelot?” said Dragona.
       “Um… no. We’re kind of greek here” said Sarthacus nervously.
    “then take me to Britain” said Dragona arrogantly.
     “Good thing we’re headed for Ireland…” he stopped suddenly, the water around them started churning, like a whirlpool. The reason soon became clear, sea hags. They were swimming around in fast circles, sinking my tireme. Sarthacus tried to scare them off with fire when Dragona said “you are a magician, I am not alone”
     “Then help me” said Sarthacus, without even seeming slightly supprised about Dragona’s magic.
     I tried to help. I stuck a sword into the water and it quickly became a red whirlpool, even though Dragona and Sarthacus were failing, I thought we were doing pretty good. Then an idea struck me. “manipulate water and air to create a air bubble, then we can keep them away” I shouted over the roar of the churning water.
     “Dragona” shouted Sarthacus over the roar of the churning water “you do the water and I do the air”. an air bubble surrounded us and the bubble went down, and down and down…

Briget Whiplash winced as the tireme plowed into her coral garden. She went out to greet her visitors politely anyway, even though it was nearly nightfall.
      “Hello kind knight, hello Greek idiots. I am Bridget whiplash. Welcome to my um… domain” she greeted them, gesturing at the palace surrounding them. “it used to belong to Poseidon, or Neptune, whatever you want to call him. Then I bullied him into giving it to me with a little help from Kallista Pendragon”
       “Kallista? The zombie godess?” I asked (yes, I fought alongside a godess).
       “yes, why? do you know her-” she stopped suddenly, her muscles started twitching. I looked up at the surface, there was no slight trace of light. “guys” said Sarthacus “I think she’s a vampire”
       “crap, we’re going to need some weapons” said Dragona, turning to run to the tireme.
       “no, you distract her. I’ll get weapons” I said, and I sprinted thowards the tireme. I could hear the others distracting Bridget, who was now a pale, merciless vampire. A pure predator. Sarthacus shouted something about corpses, then Bridget chased him until dragona said something about baked potatoes, then realised this was a carnivore and started talking about the cows on the tireme for a fresh food stock. Unfortunately, the vampire would reach the tireme before me. I dived thowards the last distance to the  trireme, but I had obviously misjudged the distance, I would never make it.
        I felt a strong gust of wind push me further. Of course, Sarthacus and dragona would be idle, waiting for me. They warped the air to push me the rest of the distance. Bless  their great minds.
        I rolled when I landed and grabbed my scythe, the long, wicked, barbed blade almost glowing with power. I was going to have to wound, but not fatally damage. This was going to be hard. Bridget dived and I jumped to the side, swinging the scythe at her leg. This was a fast vampire, the fastest I ever saw. She managed to dodge around and pin my soulders to the ground. I kicked her in the chest then rolled over so that I was on top. I began punching her until she grabbed my wrist, drawing it to her mouth. I was going to be a vampire. In a despret attempt to save myself, I stabbed the scythe into my leg. It got her attention, but I realised too late that she would bite me anyway, in my leg instead of my wrist. I would not let myself  fail now, I came this far and I would not perish yet.
         I kicked the vampire in the face with my good leg and swung the scythe around into her, luckily she dodged because I was in a crazy, mercyless rage. I swung my wounded leg around into her side then went to work with my fists, jabbing alll the pressure points I knew and pounding at her stomach. She was quickly reduced to a quivering zombie. Alive? Yes, threatening? No. Job well done.
         “Thrice?” asked Sarthacus “are you okay? I never knew you could do that.”
         “well done, not even I could have done a better job” gloated Dragona. “even though I could have avoided stabbing myself. I generally try not to get stabbed, but if I do get stabbed, which is verry rare, I let the enemy do it.”
         “shut up Dragona, nobody cares-” Sarthacus was saying when he got hit by a crazy, bloodthirsty vampire. Bridget was able to heal herself. She rammed Sarthacus into a wall then pinned him to the ground,  trying to find some soft, exposed flesh to poison him, or eat him for hurtinng her. Dragona grabbed a spear and ran at her, howling like a madman, which he was when it came to battle. I got out my bow and shot her in the leg, but it was risky. I nearly hit Dragona. I went in with my scythe instead.
          I mainly tried to get Sarthacus to safety, I rolled him out of the way and was dragging him to a safe distance when Dragona was overcome. Bridget threw him to the side and at a wall, his head loosening a few bricks. Reconising her old enemy, bridget advanced on me and Sarthacus, Sarthacus in no condition to fight, me injured and the adrenline gone, replaced with dread. I beat this vampire once, I can do it again I thought desperately. It wasn’t the truth. I was healthy and full of energy and adrenline then. I was tired and scared the second time, protecting Sarthacus.
           The vampire lunged.

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