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Friday, December 17, 2010

fanfic p.4

Darkane and Skylara were blasted aside and a lifeless body slowly turning into a soldier fell onto me. The shadow darted out of my sight. I rolled over to see what had happened.
               Nicolette had captured Orius in a soul catcher and it appeared lunar had gotten her body back without me. They had went ahead with the attack.
              “hey Thrice” said Dragona.
             “still sane there?” asked Sarthacus.
             “well, he lived. Can I go back to the fight now?” asked Leo.
             “be glad you still have a head, Thrice” said Nicolette “they wanted to blow up the whole building”
             “yeah yeah, happy, happy. We got to move people”said Kallista.
              We ran out the door to find a large fight raging outside in the battlefield. There were helicopters bombing and shooting, soldiers and automatons fighting, it was crazy. A vampire (non skin shedded) came sprinting at us. Dragona flung him to the side and the vampire decided to go for the weakest link, me. I was tired from going almost non stop for three days and I was tired from Orius putting all those people to sleep. As a hopeless act, I reopened my cut. The vampire would go for the blood. Even in human form, they go crazy at blood.
               He charged at me. The others tried to protect me but got thrown aside by the crazy vampire. I hoped my blood would have the same affect, I could have just commited suicide. I thought too late. I ducked to the side as the vampire dived at me, but it was a feint. The vampire only had to anticipate what side I would go to to kill me.
               Vampires are super fast; super strong even in human form. It rolled when it landed and went for a low dine at my feet, but while he dived, Lunar stuck up her knee and the vampire went headlong into it. “why did you cut yourself?” she asked. I went to answer, but another vampire came out of nowhere and caught me with a punch in the stomach. I fell to the ground. I dared to glance at Lunar. She was fighting with the vampire who was able to end it whenever he wanted.
                I lay there, unable to move for some reason. I wished I could help my friend. I managed to grab a sword to make my cut bleed more. I wafted it in the air. if I get out of this alive, I will definetly add some coke to bloodstream. it got the vampires attention however, coke in my blood or none. Now this was it. The vampire who was just attacking me had disappeared and now I had to kill this one before it killed me. It jumped down beside me and took a small taste of my blood.
                The vampires body fell o n me. well, at least I am safe  I thought. That was the good part, however the others body’s had disappeared. Dragona, Nicolette, Kallista, only Leo wasn’t gone, that was probably because he was thrown onto the roof of the hut. I slit the vampires throat and pushed it off me.
                Lunar and I managed to get Leo down and thought about what had happened “I saw it all” said Leo “when you two were fighting out came Darkane and Skylara with a bunch of vampires and dragged off the others”
                “Do you have any idea where?” I asked.
                “Not a clue. I have a strange suspiction its Italy though” he said.
                “Italy? You cant be serious” said Lunar.
                “So we can go to lovely, peaceful Italy to fight?” I asked. “what gives you that suspiction?”
                 “I heard them saying the word Italy, and it’s the best lead we have isn’t it? Or can you two do some voodoo tracking magic?” Leo asked.
                  It was clear he wasn’t looking for an answer, he was stating that he had the only lead unless we could do some crazy magic for tracking them. I looked at him. “What is your magic?”
                  Leo put out his hand and splayed his fingers. A ball of electricity crackled to life in his hand. The electricity was completely under his control. It expanded, contracted, made blobs, fanned out in all directions- he could make it do just about anything.    
                 We ran right through the clashing armies, sticking out our legs ocasionaly too. A helicopter threw a grapling hook, catching Leo and dragging him away. Somehow he couldn’t escape. I stood there watching in bemusment and by the time I looked away Lunar was being hoisted up too.
                 I picked up a fallen bow and tried to fire at the helicopter. The arrow hit the armoured metal uselessly, scraping off a small bit of paint. Another hook caught me in the armpit and dragged me up.
                I tried to shake free, but somehow the hook seemed to be cutting through to my spine, but I felt like there was just a blunt hook dragging me up by my armpit. I made a mental note not to drop my scythe. I was ready for a fight, but it never came.
                I was pulled up to the helicopter. The door opened and strong hands lifted me in. I yawned. It was not a I-am-really-sleepy-this-happens-to-me-every-day yawn, I can always yawn so I yawned as a desprate attempt to get me some time. It worked, but yawns only last a few seconds, seconds to take out fourteen people?
                I put one to sleep and threw another out the door. If I dared use my scythe properly I could accdentaly make the helicopter blow up, I could only use the bottom. I stuck it in ones face then kicked him in the shin, he crumpled to the ground, tripping up one who ran at me. The yawners were back to non sleepiness. Three dived at me at once. They pinned me to a wall. I head butted one, punched another in the chin and another was taken out by a ball of electricity. That meant Leo was awake.
               We fought back to back. I kicked one in the chest and put another to sleep. Leo electrocuted one and the electricity spread to another. That was ten out of the way because one was back on her feet. One girl dived at me and Leo, she took me down and whacked me on the head with a baton she had. I used some of my very valuable energy to put her to sleep, I was left really tired. I figured she deserved to be thrown out the door which was still open.
               I stood up. Leowas overcome and tied up in a corner, the ropes were obviously magic bound. I looked around. There were two people standing and then I felt a painful whack on the head.
               My unconscious body hit the floor.
               I awoke in the helicopter still. We were flying over Venice. I could tell by the rivers and canoes below us. The houses were neat and lovely. The people looked nice and friendly except for a few scowling people. People in a rush or pure mean people who are always there. I knew I should be asleep. I could sleep if I wanted. I yawned. I put in all the power I could and, even though there was nobody looking, they all yawned. Some of the more tired ones fell asleep. Even though I couldn’t use magic with these ropes tied around me, I could yawn with force.
                   Everyone looked at me. I quickly pretended to be asleep. I worked at rubbing the ropes away behind my back. A large flash of purple spread out in front of me. I ducked my head as Sarthacus spread his new purple wings, busting free of the ropes, then a flash of orange/yellow as  Lunar grew wings and busted free too.
              I felt more power coarse through me. The guard beside me instantly fell asleep. The seven guards left standing jumped at us. I put one to sleep as Leo fried another. Lunar blew another away (she is an elemental). Leo threw a ball of electricity at a guy diving at me. He dodged it and got a face full of fire from lunar. I kicked another. She went flying into the pilot who was trying her best to go as fast as she could. The helicopter lurched, then plummeted down like a stone shot down from a cannon.
               I dived for the controls. If I could at least land somewhere safe. It would be hard. I could see a open field around a mile away. We would never make it. I aimed for the river. I knew that this would arise suspicions if I didn’t do something. I broke the windscreen and dived out.
               I used my new and improved magic to put a blanket of sleep all over a half a mile radius, then I braved seeing where I would land. I knew Lunar and Leo would fly away, the magic was weak and would only affect those without magic.  I got a rough idea of where I would land.
               A busy road. I looked up. I couldn’t bear watch the motors skid to a halt. I knew there would be a few small crashes and minor casualties. It was our only chance of escape. I was hoping to land in a river, not a main road. It was the price I was going to pay for my friends lives. I plummeted down faster, and faster. In my minds eye I could see myself getting smashed on the ground, a grease mark on the world. I saw this and knew this was in vain. I couldn’t save all my friends, I could have tried to live to save them. I had failed. I was going to end my life in depression. That is not what I wanted. I wanted to have cool dieing words. I tried to remember the last thing I said.
              I couldn’t.
              I heard the helicopter crash into a building. great. If I cant save my friends, let me crash a helicopter and kill a load of people from Venice too. What a happy a way to die. I thought about the life I lived, the friends I saved. I thought about what I thought was the happiest moment. Nothing came, I’d say that was because I was falling to  my death. I went back to negative thought mode. I killed loads of people fighting for peace, even though I was possessed. I killed innocent people from Venice with a helicopter. I possibly drowned people in boats. I thought about who would miss me, other than dreams. Lunar and Leo would, Kallista, Nicolette, Dragona and Sarthacus might, if they lived.
                I decided to chose where would be a fun place to land. I could use my momentum to get skewered on a telephone wire pole, I could land in a field, I could stick with becoming a grease spot on the road. I spent so long thinking about it I had no choice but the grease spot. I fell down and down, preparing to hit the road when a van swerved into view. The roof was suddenly busted off and flew back. Could it make it to under me on time? I didn’t  think so. With a sudden burst of speed it slid under me and I landed on a mattress in the van. This person was one good driver.
                “Gotcha” said Nicolette.

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  1. just to tell everyone who wants to know, i am leaving this fanfic there, i find it a better ending than a crazy; what happens next end, is it? well anyway, i am doing the history fanfic