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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fanfic p.2

I awoke to Bridget’s face looming over me. I had clearly survived. I racked my memory. The vampire lined us up and tasted our blood. The second my blood touched her lips, she fell asleep. My powers were in my blood too, I never knew that. “wow, I never thought we would all live that night” said Bridget happily “you must be strong, between being a crazy vampire and having kallistas healing power at my side I never thought we could live without one of us killing the other”
         I tod her what happened. I tried to tell what I could remember about her knocking me out but it was too hard. I basically told her what I rembered, not much. She listened intently and silently, absorbing every word until when I was finished she said “right, ye have to leave soon. I have no food here and we cant risk another outbreak like that. You will have to leave as soon as possible.”
        I tried to get the others on the way os soon as possible, but it was hard. Sarthacus was injured and walking really slow and Dragona appeared to have fallen into a bucket, weird. That knock on the head must have been bad. I managed to drag him to the tireme, and with a little help from Bridget, we were back in the sea, only five miles below the surface. We rose higher and higher: slowly rising with Sarthacus managing to give them a small air bubble. I tried to rise as fast as I could without causing major vibrations and attracting the likes of sea hags.
         We broke th surface. I took a breath of fresh air and Dragona came to sanity. “why am I reading poetry about cherry muffins and vodka to a cow?” he asked, backing slowly away from the cow we kept on the boat for milk and, when we needed fresh meet, food!
          “you got quite a hit on the head there, Dragona. The vampires doing” I answered the question he asked himself.
           He turned around bemused.
           “I suppose I took out the vampire then fell over a stone and hit my head” he said.
           I never answered him. I concentrated on steering my boat to Ireland as fast as the winds would carry it. Dragona went over to Sarthacus to see what had happened; if he was alright. He had a poppy bruise on his temple, most likely where he hit the wall, a bone popping out of his left index finger and his right leg was in a position no leg should be in. Nasty.
          I sailed on, following the map given to me back in Crete, accordingly we should be in Ireland any minute. Past a large rock in inhabited with seagulls, follow any bird that flies north until it starts to turn, then keep going until you crash. Simple sailing unless you disturb a shoal of- “LIME EELS!” shouted dragona, snapping Sarthacus back into the world. Dragona threw down a net we had, drawing up a load of luminous lime and black stripy eels. He tied up the net and threw it to the side.
          Let me explain. Lime eels are about too feet long, limonous green with black stripes. They hop off the water and can jump into boats. They have really sharp teeth too, perfect for eating the sailors of the boats they jump into. Along with all that they can last out of the water for a long, long time.
          We led the boat on and on,killing off as many eels as possible. I turned the sail slightly to the left and swung my scythe through the water. Dragona called them mangy cur’s and swiped at them with two swords. Sarthacus had a ring of fire around him and was ripping off their heads with his hands. I went back to the sails for a minute, turning them this way and that to try to scare away the eels.
            No such luck.
            I heard Dragona roar in pain. I looked at Dragona, I got bitten too. The eel fell asleep. My blood dripped into the sea.
           The whole sea was calm in a five mile radius.
           “Thrice, that was good but you should add to the wind too” said Dragona.
           “no need Dragona. You do the water I do the air” said Sarthacus.
           We took off at a great speed, spray firing up behind us. “I see Ireland, head towards that harbour”  said Dragona, pointing towards a harbour. We sped up in order to get to Ireland faster,  back in Crete, we said we would have a race if any of us got separated, first to Ireland wins. That was before we thought about the way we might not get there at all.
           I sailed the trireme into the harbour.
           The guy there led us through to a bunker, obviously dedicated to a war. “right through there” he said and went back to the harbour. It was amazing, the walls were covered in guns, swords and other weapons. The floor was littered in broken machinery and wires. My first thought was Automatons.  there was a guy in the corner working with electricity crackling all around him. He took no notice at all, then he looked up “hi, I’m Leo Sparks” he said.
           “Hey Leo. I am Thrice Dozer, this is Sarthacus Bolt and Dragona…?” I said.
           “Pine, Dragona Pine” Dragona finished for me.
           “Hi” said Sarthacus.
           “Hi guys” said Leo “nice to meet ye. Here to help in the war then? Either way your going to have to” he said, bringing them through to a wall mounted with cannons of all types, shapes and sizes. “Quaski, get Frelis to show you how to arm that laser cannon properly!” he shouted at a young looking solider.
            “can you bring us to some friends? Orius Rove, Nicolette Croga-”I asked.
            “sure, them” interrupted Leo and continued leading us off. He led us into a small room. There was Nicolette standing a good bit away from Orius. “hi guys, glad you could come. She pressed a button on a device in her hand and grenades strapped to Orius began to blow up, with Nicolette there looking innocent.
            A shadow came out of an exploding Orius’s mouth and came right into me.


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