yay, i hope your awesome

hmm... what to write what to write? i should really plan this blog better shouldn't i.
who was that, what are you doing inside my puny brain? oh wait, it's me.
"yeah, you talk to your self. what a loner. i'm just a figment of your imagination who wants to talk to someone, so i dont need a life. you do"
i hate you imagination, i am going to ignore you now

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i need to see if this would work out

How about writing a history fanfic? NO, no, not a fanfic about Napoleon or one of those weirdos, one about Thrice Dozers history? How about it?


  1. Sure, Thrice. Write a fanfic about your oc's history. Good idea! :)

  2. Napoleon is not a weirdo!

    He was an epic French leader!

    And he gave throwns (as in making you King/Queen as birthday presents. How awesome!