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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Octaboona Ambrosius's 16th Birthday!

happy happy Birthday, from all of us to you, were glad that it's your birthday so that we can party too. WOO!
(^part above sang)

Happy birthday Octa, hope you have a immensely superly awesome day.
as you hopefully guessed, your awesome and as i seriously HOPE you guessed (it would be fairly alarming if you didn't) from Thrice.

i need to see if this would work out

How about writing a history fanfic? NO, no, not a fanfic about Napoleon or one of those weirdos, one about Thrice Dozers history? How about it?

Friday, December 17, 2010

fanfic p.4

Darkane and Skylara were blasted aside and a lifeless body slowly turning into a soldier fell onto me. The shadow darted out of my sight. I rolled over to see what had happened.
               Nicolette had captured Orius in a soul catcher and it appeared lunar had gotten her body back without me. They had went ahead with the attack.
              “hey Thrice” said Dragona.
             “still sane there?” asked Sarthacus.
             “well, he lived. Can I go back to the fight now?” asked Leo.
             “be glad you still have a head, Thrice” said Nicolette “they wanted to blow up the whole building”
             “yeah yeah, happy, happy. We got to move people”said Kallista.
              We ran out the door to find a large fight raging outside in the battlefield. There were helicopters bombing and shooting, soldiers and automatons fighting, it was crazy. A vampire (non skin shedded) came sprinting at us. Dragona flung him to the side and the vampire decided to go for the weakest link, me. I was tired from going almost non stop for three days and I was tired from Orius putting all those people to sleep. As a hopeless act, I reopened my cut. The vampire would go for the blood. Even in human form, they go crazy at blood.
               He charged at me. The others tried to protect me but got thrown aside by the crazy vampire. I hoped my blood would have the same affect, I could have just commited suicide. I thought too late. I ducked to the side as the vampire dived at me, but it was a feint. The vampire only had to anticipate what side I would go to to kill me.
               Vampires are super fast; super strong even in human form. It rolled when it landed and went for a low dine at my feet, but while he dived, Lunar stuck up her knee and the vampire went headlong into it. “why did you cut yourself?” she asked. I went to answer, but another vampire came out of nowhere and caught me with a punch in the stomach. I fell to the ground. I dared to glance at Lunar. She was fighting with the vampire who was able to end it whenever he wanted.
                I lay there, unable to move for some reason. I wished I could help my friend. I managed to grab a sword to make my cut bleed more. I wafted it in the air. if I get out of this alive, I will definetly add some coke to bloodstream. it got the vampires attention however, coke in my blood or none. Now this was it. The vampire who was just attacking me had disappeared and now I had to kill this one before it killed me. It jumped down beside me and took a small taste of my blood.
                The vampires body fell o n me. well, at least I am safe  I thought. That was the good part, however the others body’s had disappeared. Dragona, Nicolette, Kallista, only Leo wasn’t gone, that was probably because he was thrown onto the roof of the hut. I slit the vampires throat and pushed it off me.
                Lunar and I managed to get Leo down and thought about what had happened “I saw it all” said Leo “when you two were fighting out came Darkane and Skylara with a bunch of vampires and dragged off the others”
                “Do you have any idea where?” I asked.
                “Not a clue. I have a strange suspiction its Italy though” he said.
                “Italy? You cant be serious” said Lunar.
                “So we can go to lovely, peaceful Italy to fight?” I asked. “what gives you that suspiction?”
                 “I heard them saying the word Italy, and it’s the best lead we have isn’t it? Or can you two do some voodoo tracking magic?” Leo asked.
                  It was clear he wasn’t looking for an answer, he was stating that he had the only lead unless we could do some crazy magic for tracking them. I looked at him. “What is your magic?”
                  Leo put out his hand and splayed his fingers. A ball of electricity crackled to life in his hand. The electricity was completely under his control. It expanded, contracted, made blobs, fanned out in all directions- he could make it do just about anything.    
                 We ran right through the clashing armies, sticking out our legs ocasionaly too. A helicopter threw a grapling hook, catching Leo and dragging him away. Somehow he couldn’t escape. I stood there watching in bemusment and by the time I looked away Lunar was being hoisted up too.
                 I picked up a fallen bow and tried to fire at the helicopter. The arrow hit the armoured metal uselessly, scraping off a small bit of paint. Another hook caught me in the armpit and dragged me up.
                I tried to shake free, but somehow the hook seemed to be cutting through to my spine, but I felt like there was just a blunt hook dragging me up by my armpit. I made a mental note not to drop my scythe. I was ready for a fight, but it never came.
                I was pulled up to the helicopter. The door opened and strong hands lifted me in. I yawned. It was not a I-am-really-sleepy-this-happens-to-me-every-day yawn, I can always yawn so I yawned as a desprate attempt to get me some time. It worked, but yawns only last a few seconds, seconds to take out fourteen people?
                I put one to sleep and threw another out the door. If I dared use my scythe properly I could accdentaly make the helicopter blow up, I could only use the bottom. I stuck it in ones face then kicked him in the shin, he crumpled to the ground, tripping up one who ran at me. The yawners were back to non sleepiness. Three dived at me at once. They pinned me to a wall. I head butted one, punched another in the chin and another was taken out by a ball of electricity. That meant Leo was awake.
               We fought back to back. I kicked one in the chest and put another to sleep. Leo electrocuted one and the electricity spread to another. That was ten out of the way because one was back on her feet. One girl dived at me and Leo, she took me down and whacked me on the head with a baton she had. I used some of my very valuable energy to put her to sleep, I was left really tired. I figured she deserved to be thrown out the door which was still open.
               I stood up. Leowas overcome and tied up in a corner, the ropes were obviously magic bound. I looked around. There were two people standing and then I felt a painful whack on the head.
               My unconscious body hit the floor.
               I awoke in the helicopter still. We were flying over Venice. I could tell by the rivers and canoes below us. The houses were neat and lovely. The people looked nice and friendly except for a few scowling people. People in a rush or pure mean people who are always there. I knew I should be asleep. I could sleep if I wanted. I yawned. I put in all the power I could and, even though there was nobody looking, they all yawned. Some of the more tired ones fell asleep. Even though I couldn’t use magic with these ropes tied around me, I could yawn with force.
                   Everyone looked at me. I quickly pretended to be asleep. I worked at rubbing the ropes away behind my back. A large flash of purple spread out in front of me. I ducked my head as Sarthacus spread his new purple wings, busting free of the ropes, then a flash of orange/yellow as  Lunar grew wings and busted free too.
              I felt more power coarse through me. The guard beside me instantly fell asleep. The seven guards left standing jumped at us. I put one to sleep as Leo fried another. Lunar blew another away (she is an elemental). Leo threw a ball of electricity at a guy diving at me. He dodged it and got a face full of fire from lunar. I kicked another. She went flying into the pilot who was trying her best to go as fast as she could. The helicopter lurched, then plummeted down like a stone shot down from a cannon.
               I dived for the controls. If I could at least land somewhere safe. It would be hard. I could see a open field around a mile away. We would never make it. I aimed for the river. I knew that this would arise suspicions if I didn’t do something. I broke the windscreen and dived out.
               I used my new and improved magic to put a blanket of sleep all over a half a mile radius, then I braved seeing where I would land. I knew Lunar and Leo would fly away, the magic was weak and would only affect those without magic.  I got a rough idea of where I would land.
               A busy road. I looked up. I couldn’t bear watch the motors skid to a halt. I knew there would be a few small crashes and minor casualties. It was our only chance of escape. I was hoping to land in a river, not a main road. It was the price I was going to pay for my friends lives. I plummeted down faster, and faster. In my minds eye I could see myself getting smashed on the ground, a grease mark on the world. I saw this and knew this was in vain. I couldn’t save all my friends, I could have tried to live to save them. I had failed. I was going to end my life in depression. That is not what I wanted. I wanted to have cool dieing words. I tried to remember the last thing I said.
              I couldn’t.
              I heard the helicopter crash into a building. great. If I cant save my friends, let me crash a helicopter and kill a load of people from Venice too. What a happy a way to die. I thought about the life I lived, the friends I saved. I thought about what I thought was the happiest moment. Nothing came, I’d say that was because I was falling to  my death. I went back to negative thought mode. I killed loads of people fighting for peace, even though I was possessed. I killed innocent people from Venice with a helicopter. I possibly drowned people in boats. I thought about who would miss me, other than dreams. Lunar and Leo would, Kallista, Nicolette, Dragona and Sarthacus might, if they lived.
                I decided to chose where would be a fun place to land. I could use my momentum to get skewered on a telephone wire pole, I could land in a field, I could stick with becoming a grease spot on the road. I spent so long thinking about it I had no choice but the grease spot. I fell down and down, preparing to hit the road when a van swerved into view. The roof was suddenly busted off and flew back. Could it make it to under me on time? I didn’t  think so. With a sudden burst of speed it slid under me and I landed on a mattress in the van. This person was one good driver.
                “Gotcha” said Nicolette.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

poem about Thrice Dozer by Octaboona Ambrosius

Sweet Dreams

As Thrice curls up in a comforting ball
Kept warm by the crackling sparks
Of a cherry red fire that feeds on the logs
And protects from the fear of the dark

And he snuggles down deep in his nest full of down
And gently he drifts off to sleep
And as Thrice lies there dozing so softly
He murmurs and starts counting sheep

And he sips from a mug of hot cocoa
As the sweet smelling steam fills the air
And the chocolate aroma it wafts through the room
And a cool breeze just ruffles his hair

With his tabby cat curled up beside him
Who purrs as Thrice strokes him with calm
He sleeps on a warm woollen blanket
And rests there protected from harm

And the fusion of herbs from the garden
Honeysuckle, rosemary and thyme
And the sound of the deep tolling bells
That forms a melodious chime

And Thrice dreams whilst barely still conscious
He sighs in his slumber so deep
Now please all just hush whilst you listen
For Thrice he has fallen asleep

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fanfic part three which i did in only a day

I knew it all now. I already knew Orius was a achlemest, turns out for the past few years he had been using necromancy. He had it in his heart. When he was blown up, his heart came into me. He is reduced to something like a remnant, only when he possesses people, they turn to look like him.
            I took out my scythe and swung it around, reducing onlookers to a bloody mess, Leo, Sarthacus, Dragona and Nicolette ran. I thought they would stay for the fight, but they didn’t. probably because I looked like the traitor but they knew I was their friend, Thrice. The enemy was inside. Me. I could still think, but it was like there was another brain fighting mine. I had no control.
           I walked out, putting guards to an eternal sleep, using the extra power I had collected from Orius not to get at tired. The people working on the cannons hardly noticed me, I went up behind one, cleaved off his head and took over his electricity cannon. I took out the guards coming at me and then took aim at a barrel of gun powder in order to blow up the building. “boom” I said to myself and a crater appeared and the wall crumbled to rubble.
           I melted two automaton guards and continued on, shredding everyone who got in my way. I made my way across the battlefield. There was a woman standing there, beautiful, but smelly and covered in cuts, scars and bruises, Kallista. She was once a goddess of beauty, then she managed to die and became the beautiful zombie goddess. She was rising the fallen soldiers from the dead, making them into zombies. “hello Orius” she said happily as a zombie got up and picked up a fallen sword. “wait, I thought Nicolette was blowing you up today for blowing up the barracks”
           You see, Kallista” I said “I was blown up, I am Thrice, I possessed him. I was reduced to a remnant. That’s what you did to me. I always had necromancy, I just never let it on”
          “what- oh, in your heart” she said, realising that she was going to have to run or kill Thrice, and she didn’t want to.
          “yes, my heart. You will need to bribe me well for me to get out of this body, these powers are great”
         Kallista stood there, watching me intently. I knew I would be helpless against the goddess, but I had her mercy. I looked like her old friend and I was in the body of a non-traitor friend, who she might never see again. She let me walk on. I was going to find the place Darkane went, she was a traitor who started this war and all. She knew Orius’s secret and expected him. This was going to be one hell of a war when they managed to release the remnants.
           I went into a war hut that had been taken and was now under Darkane’s control. The place was a mess. There were soldiers healing wounded and beating up prisoners, automatons repairing each other and the floor was covered in weapons, body parts and broken automatons. I saw  Skylara Wolfbane in the corner looking like a large lion, chomping down body parts of the fallen soldiers before Kallista made them alive again. Smart, very smart.
           “through to the main room, Orius, Thrice, whatever” she said to me.
           I went through. I found Darkane giving a lecture to one of her commanders about how the war formations worked, you don’t just charge at them. “oh, hi Orius” she said happily “did you blow up the barracks? You are dismissed” she pointed away the commander. “now, tell me everything” she patted the couch next to her. The room was unlike the room outside. The floor was clean, there was a cosy looking bed in the corner and the place looked lived in. Like any ordinary house. I smelled cooking wafting from a corner.
           “um… yes, I blew up the barracks and they are planning an attack tonight.” I said nervously as I was not sure if they changed the plans as I would most likely tell them.
           “I am fully aware that they may change but still” she said “GET READY FOR A POSSIBLE ATTACK TINIGHT” she shouted out the door.
           “Sow, can we calm down for a bit?” I asked.
           “Sure Orius. SKYLARA! Get in here to spend some time with two of our old buddies” she called.
           Skylara came rushing in as a cheetah, jumped and turned into a bird, flew across the room and landed as herself. “you call?” she asked.
           I probed around my brain, looking for a weak spot to talk to Orius.
           “Thrice says hi” I said “and so does Orius”
           “Then again, if thrice is strong enough to get some control I should’ve influenced him instead. That or you are really weak” said Darkane.
           Orius was furious, in his weak minded furious state I managed to get some control. I could feel his mind weakening against mine. I wasn’t too sure he noticed until I took out my scythe and swung it around through the couch. Darkane dived away and Skylara turned into a hummingbird and flew like a blur away, turning into a large lion when she landed. She snarled and leaped at me. To my surprise, Darkane dived at her and pinned her to the ground “we must not kill Orius” she said.
           Orius was fighting back now. I was fighting two battles at once. I tore my scythe out of the couch and backed away, flailing at the air, fighting an invisible monster. Darkane and Skylara watched in amusement, ready for the moment when Orius would regain control. He never did. The shadow came out of my mouth and I regained control.
           The shadow zoomed off into another room.
           I dodged Skylara who dived at me as a sabre-toothed tiger and swung my scythe at Darkane who was brandishing two Japanese knives. She sidestepped easily and threw one of her knives, I dodged it and it nearly hit Skylara,  who was rising as a lion and had to change into a mouse to avoid it. She leaped as a salmon and landed on my back as a lemur while Darkane used the element of air to bring back her knife, she then ran at me. I jumped to the side as Darkane sprinted at me. She missed me but stuck out her leg so I fell over, landing on Skylara. Skylara turned into a wolf and pushed me aside. Darkane sat on my chest and held her knives to my throat while Skylara  became a gorilla who sat on my legs and held down my arms.
              Orius walked into the room after possessing a soldier, brandishing a handgun which he held to my temple “make one move, and I will cut you up piece by piece”
               I attempted to wriggle free and the sound of gunshot filled the air.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fanfic p.2

I awoke to Bridget’s face looming over me. I had clearly survived. I racked my memory. The vampire lined us up and tasted our blood. The second my blood touched her lips, she fell asleep. My powers were in my blood too, I never knew that. “wow, I never thought we would all live that night” said Bridget happily “you must be strong, between being a crazy vampire and having kallistas healing power at my side I never thought we could live without one of us killing the other”
         I tod her what happened. I tried to tell what I could remember about her knocking me out but it was too hard. I basically told her what I rembered, not much. She listened intently and silently, absorbing every word until when I was finished she said “right, ye have to leave soon. I have no food here and we cant risk another outbreak like that. You will have to leave as soon as possible.”
        I tried to get the others on the way os soon as possible, but it was hard. Sarthacus was injured and walking really slow and Dragona appeared to have fallen into a bucket, weird. That knock on the head must have been bad. I managed to drag him to the tireme, and with a little help from Bridget, we were back in the sea, only five miles below the surface. We rose higher and higher: slowly rising with Sarthacus managing to give them a small air bubble. I tried to rise as fast as I could without causing major vibrations and attracting the likes of sea hags.
         We broke th surface. I took a breath of fresh air and Dragona came to sanity. “why am I reading poetry about cherry muffins and vodka to a cow?” he asked, backing slowly away from the cow we kept on the boat for milk and, when we needed fresh meet, food!
          “you got quite a hit on the head there, Dragona. The vampires doing” I answered the question he asked himself.
           He turned around bemused.
           “I suppose I took out the vampire then fell over a stone and hit my head” he said.
           I never answered him. I concentrated on steering my boat to Ireland as fast as the winds would carry it. Dragona went over to Sarthacus to see what had happened; if he was alright. He had a poppy bruise on his temple, most likely where he hit the wall, a bone popping out of his left index finger and his right leg was in a position no leg should be in. Nasty.
          I sailed on, following the map given to me back in Crete, accordingly we should be in Ireland any minute. Past a large rock in inhabited with seagulls, follow any bird that flies north until it starts to turn, then keep going until you crash. Simple sailing unless you disturb a shoal of- “LIME EELS!” shouted dragona, snapping Sarthacus back into the world. Dragona threw down a net we had, drawing up a load of luminous lime and black stripy eels. He tied up the net and threw it to the side.
          Let me explain. Lime eels are about too feet long, limonous green with black stripes. They hop off the water and can jump into boats. They have really sharp teeth too, perfect for eating the sailors of the boats they jump into. Along with all that they can last out of the water for a long, long time.
          We led the boat on and on,killing off as many eels as possible. I turned the sail slightly to the left and swung my scythe through the water. Dragona called them mangy cur’s and swiped at them with two swords. Sarthacus had a ring of fire around him and was ripping off their heads with his hands. I went back to the sails for a minute, turning them this way and that to try to scare away the eels.
            No such luck.
            I heard Dragona roar in pain. I looked at Dragona, I got bitten too. The eel fell asleep. My blood dripped into the sea.
           The whole sea was calm in a five mile radius.
           “Thrice, that was good but you should add to the wind too” said Dragona.
           “no need Dragona. You do the water I do the air” said Sarthacus.
           We took off at a great speed, spray firing up behind us. “I see Ireland, head towards that harbour”  said Dragona, pointing towards a harbour. We sped up in order to get to Ireland faster,  back in Crete, we said we would have a race if any of us got separated, first to Ireland wins. That was before we thought about the way we might not get there at all.
           I sailed the trireme into the harbour.
           The guy there led us through to a bunker, obviously dedicated to a war. “right through there” he said and went back to the harbour. It was amazing, the walls were covered in guns, swords and other weapons. The floor was littered in broken machinery and wires. My first thought was Automatons.  there was a guy in the corner working with electricity crackling all around him. He took no notice at all, then he looked up “hi, I’m Leo Sparks” he said.
           “Hey Leo. I am Thrice Dozer, this is Sarthacus Bolt and Dragona…?” I said.
           “Pine, Dragona Pine” Dragona finished for me.
           “Hi” said Sarthacus.
           “Hi guys” said Leo “nice to meet ye. Here to help in the war then? Either way your going to have to” he said, bringing them through to a wall mounted with cannons of all types, shapes and sizes. “Quaski, get Frelis to show you how to arm that laser cannon properly!” he shouted at a young looking solider.
            “can you bring us to some friends? Orius Rove, Nicolette Croga-”I asked.
            “sure, them” interrupted Leo and continued leading us off. He led us into a small room. There was Nicolette standing a good bit away from Orius. “hi guys, glad you could come. She pressed a button on a device in her hand and grenades strapped to Orius began to blow up, with Nicolette there looking innocent.
            A shadow came out of an exploding Orius’s mouth and came right into me.


Friday, December 10, 2010

fanfic so far 'cuz dragona rushed me

Sarthacus Bolt and I were in my little trireme. Technically Lunar Tears was there too, her ghost in a soul catcher. We were searching for a way to get lunar a body back. We tried all the little Greek islands, most of Europe and now we were heading for Ireland, where there was rumoured to be a sorceress who might be able to get Lunar’s body back. Back in Crete they had gotten separated from some friends, Orius Rove, Darkane Claw Kallista Pendragon and Nicolette Croga. They were hoping they would make their way towards Ireland.
       “Thrice, land ahoy” called Sarthacus from the crows nest. that’s me, Thrice Dozer
       “A few sea hags coming in from the left” I roared over the wind.
       I began to just whack them with shields as Sarthacus burned them up with fire and hacked at them with his sword and axe , looking weird in greek armour using the elements.  I was wearing Greek armour and using Greek weapons, nothing odd.  Sheilds, no good, so I replaced the two shields with a bow, much more effective than  shields.
       Sea hags are overwhelming, you could lose a fight against fifty of them with ten, powerful friends. You could never win one hundred with a sleepyhead (that’s me, my powers are putting people to sleep) and an elemental. They were starting to climb onto the ship. I fired like my life depended on it -which it did- and Sarthacus was surro-unded, with his helmet being used as a weapon, it was surprisingly effective owning to the large, axe like spine going down the back.
       We couldn’t hold out much longer.
       Out of nowhere, a ball of light appeared obove our ship, clearing out to show a jousting field and a knight with a full face helmet and clad in armour charging at us with a look of bemusment on his face, wondeing the same thing as we were: what the hell? The medevil knight came into the greek world.
       “send me back, you Greek idiots” then the knight looked around “I hope these things are friendly” he said, indicating the sea hags, who were still in bemusment.
      Judging on the weapons in our hands, he figured they weren’t friendly. Then he grabbed a sword and drew a thing that looked like a pistol but fired arrows and blurred into a whirlwind of destruction, making the sea hags evaporate three per second, making me and Sarthacus feel like the most hopeless warriors ever. This guy wasn’t normal.
      The knight let the last sea hag go, which neither of us would have done. He turned to us. “that was fun, can I go back jousting now” he wasn’t even out of breath.
     “I don’t know how you came to be here, but I did not summon you” said Sarthacus.
     “I am Dragona Pine, I need passage to Camelot” said Dragona.
     “Camelot? Where is that?” I asked.
     “Camelot, you’ve never heard of Camelot?” said Dragona.
       “Um… no. We’re kind of greek here” said Sarthacus nervously.
    “then take me to Britain” said Dragona arrogantly.
     “Good thing we’re headed for Ireland…” he stopped suddenly, the water around them started churning, like a whirlpool. The reason soon became clear, sea hags. They were swimming around in fast circles, sinking my tireme. Sarthacus tried to scare them off with fire when Dragona said “you are a magician, I am not alone”
     “Then help me” said Sarthacus, without even seeming slightly supprised about Dragona’s magic.
     I tried to help. I stuck a sword into the water and it quickly became a red whirlpool, even though Dragona and Sarthacus were failing, I thought we were doing pretty good. Then an idea struck me. “manipulate water and air to create a air bubble, then we can keep them away” I shouted over the roar of the churning water.
     “Dragona” shouted Sarthacus over the roar of the churning water “you do the water and I do the air”. an air bubble surrounded us and the bubble went down, and down and down…

Briget Whiplash winced as the tireme plowed into her coral garden. She went out to greet her visitors politely anyway, even though it was nearly nightfall.
      “Hello kind knight, hello Greek idiots. I am Bridget whiplash. Welcome to my um… domain” she greeted them, gesturing at the palace surrounding them. “it used to belong to Poseidon, or Neptune, whatever you want to call him. Then I bullied him into giving it to me with a little help from Kallista Pendragon”
       “Kallista? The zombie godess?” I asked (yes, I fought alongside a godess).
       “yes, why? do you know her-” she stopped suddenly, her muscles started twitching. I looked up at the surface, there was no slight trace of light. “guys” said Sarthacus “I think she’s a vampire”
       “crap, we’re going to need some weapons” said Dragona, turning to run to the tireme.
       “no, you distract her. I’ll get weapons” I said, and I sprinted thowards the tireme. I could hear the others distracting Bridget, who was now a pale, merciless vampire. A pure predator. Sarthacus shouted something about corpses, then Bridget chased him until dragona said something about baked potatoes, then realised this was a carnivore and started talking about the cows on the tireme for a fresh food stock. Unfortunately, the vampire would reach the tireme before me. I dived thowards the last distance to the  trireme, but I had obviously misjudged the distance, I would never make it.
        I felt a strong gust of wind push me further. Of course, Sarthacus and dragona would be idle, waiting for me. They warped the air to push me the rest of the distance. Bless  their great minds.
        I rolled when I landed and grabbed my scythe, the long, wicked, barbed blade almost glowing with power. I was going to have to wound, but not fatally damage. This was going to be hard. Bridget dived and I jumped to the side, swinging the scythe at her leg. This was a fast vampire, the fastest I ever saw. She managed to dodge around and pin my soulders to the ground. I kicked her in the chest then rolled over so that I was on top. I began punching her until she grabbed my wrist, drawing it to her mouth. I was going to be a vampire. In a despret attempt to save myself, I stabbed the scythe into my leg. It got her attention, but I realised too late that she would bite me anyway, in my leg instead of my wrist. I would not let myself  fail now, I came this far and I would not perish yet.
         I kicked the vampire in the face with my good leg and swung the scythe around into her, luckily she dodged because I was in a crazy, mercyless rage. I swung my wounded leg around into her side then went to work with my fists, jabbing alll the pressure points I knew and pounding at her stomach. She was quickly reduced to a quivering zombie. Alive? Yes, threatening? No. Job well done.
         “Thrice?” asked Sarthacus “are you okay? I never knew you could do that.”
         “well done, not even I could have done a better job” gloated Dragona. “even though I could have avoided stabbing myself. I generally try not to get stabbed, but if I do get stabbed, which is verry rare, I let the enemy do it.”
         “shut up Dragona, nobody cares-” Sarthacus was saying when he got hit by a crazy, bloodthirsty vampire. Bridget was able to heal herself. She rammed Sarthacus into a wall then pinned him to the ground,  trying to find some soft, exposed flesh to poison him, or eat him for hurtinng her. Dragona grabbed a spear and ran at her, howling like a madman, which he was when it came to battle. I got out my bow and shot her in the leg, but it was risky. I nearly hit Dragona. I went in with my scythe instead.
          I mainly tried to get Sarthacus to safety, I rolled him out of the way and was dragging him to a safe distance when Dragona was overcome. Bridget threw him to the side and at a wall, his head loosening a few bricks. Reconising her old enemy, bridget advanced on me and Sarthacus, Sarthacus in no condition to fight, me injured and the adrenline gone, replaced with dread. I beat this vampire once, I can do it again I thought desperately. It wasn’t the truth. I was healthy and full of energy and adrenline then. I was tired and scared the second time, protecting Sarthacus.
           The vampire lunged.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Thrice Dozer
age: spends so much time sleeping never appears to age (13)
hair colour: black
eye colour: looks like the one big pupil
height: 4 ft 10 and a half
weight: 6 stone
wears: jeans, a t-shirt of any colour and any jumper
nationality: irish
history: unrecordable, yet it is a theory that he was among the first children of the ancients and fell asleep and woke up in the twentieth century
family: possibly the ancients, definitely has a brother who never sleeps and a sister who spreads nightmares, they are triplets
enemies: none yet
magic: putting animals, people and beings to sleep (it really drains him) and spreading good dreams
distinctive features: really messed up hair
personality: sleepy, not mean, not nice, hates conflict, puts wars to sleep. clumsy
favorite quote: wha? whosaywhat? 57 sheep
likes: sleep
job: nightmare hunting
favorite weapons: prefers not to fight, if he has to will turn anything, even a boat, ino a lethal weapon
transport: can accidentally teleport while sleeping
never seen without: a yawn
in five words: sleepy, yawning, peaceful, sleepy, calm

i might add more soon