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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fanfic part three which i did in only a day

I knew it all now. I already knew Orius was a achlemest, turns out for the past few years he had been using necromancy. He had it in his heart. When he was blown up, his heart came into me. He is reduced to something like a remnant, only when he possesses people, they turn to look like him.
            I took out my scythe and swung it around, reducing onlookers to a bloody mess, Leo, Sarthacus, Dragona and Nicolette ran. I thought they would stay for the fight, but they didn’t. probably because I looked like the traitor but they knew I was their friend, Thrice. The enemy was inside. Me. I could still think, but it was like there was another brain fighting mine. I had no control.
           I walked out, putting guards to an eternal sleep, using the extra power I had collected from Orius not to get at tired. The people working on the cannons hardly noticed me, I went up behind one, cleaved off his head and took over his electricity cannon. I took out the guards coming at me and then took aim at a barrel of gun powder in order to blow up the building. “boom” I said to myself and a crater appeared and the wall crumbled to rubble.
           I melted two automaton guards and continued on, shredding everyone who got in my way. I made my way across the battlefield. There was a woman standing there, beautiful, but smelly and covered in cuts, scars and bruises, Kallista. She was once a goddess of beauty, then she managed to die and became the beautiful zombie goddess. She was rising the fallen soldiers from the dead, making them into zombies. “hello Orius” she said happily as a zombie got up and picked up a fallen sword. “wait, I thought Nicolette was blowing you up today for blowing up the barracks”
           You see, Kallista” I said “I was blown up, I am Thrice, I possessed him. I was reduced to a remnant. That’s what you did to me. I always had necromancy, I just never let it on”
          “what- oh, in your heart” she said, realising that she was going to have to run or kill Thrice, and she didn’t want to.
          “yes, my heart. You will need to bribe me well for me to get out of this body, these powers are great”
         Kallista stood there, watching me intently. I knew I would be helpless against the goddess, but I had her mercy. I looked like her old friend and I was in the body of a non-traitor friend, who she might never see again. She let me walk on. I was going to find the place Darkane went, she was a traitor who started this war and all. She knew Orius’s secret and expected him. This was going to be one hell of a war when they managed to release the remnants.
           I went into a war hut that had been taken and was now under Darkane’s control. The place was a mess. There were soldiers healing wounded and beating up prisoners, automatons repairing each other and the floor was covered in weapons, body parts and broken automatons. I saw  Skylara Wolfbane in the corner looking like a large lion, chomping down body parts of the fallen soldiers before Kallista made them alive again. Smart, very smart.
           “through to the main room, Orius, Thrice, whatever” she said to me.
           I went through. I found Darkane giving a lecture to one of her commanders about how the war formations worked, you don’t just charge at them. “oh, hi Orius” she said happily “did you blow up the barracks? You are dismissed” she pointed away the commander. “now, tell me everything” she patted the couch next to her. The room was unlike the room outside. The floor was clean, there was a cosy looking bed in the corner and the place looked lived in. Like any ordinary house. I smelled cooking wafting from a corner.
           “um… yes, I blew up the barracks and they are planning an attack tonight.” I said nervously as I was not sure if they changed the plans as I would most likely tell them.
           “I am fully aware that they may change but still” she said “GET READY FOR A POSSIBLE ATTACK TINIGHT” she shouted out the door.
           “Sow, can we calm down for a bit?” I asked.
           “Sure Orius. SKYLARA! Get in here to spend some time with two of our old buddies” she called.
           Skylara came rushing in as a cheetah, jumped and turned into a bird, flew across the room and landed as herself. “you call?” she asked.
           I probed around my brain, looking for a weak spot to talk to Orius.
           “Thrice says hi” I said “and so does Orius”
           “Then again, if thrice is strong enough to get some control I should’ve influenced him instead. That or you are really weak” said Darkane.
           Orius was furious, in his weak minded furious state I managed to get some control. I could feel his mind weakening against mine. I wasn’t too sure he noticed until I took out my scythe and swung it around through the couch. Darkane dived away and Skylara turned into a hummingbird and flew like a blur away, turning into a large lion when she landed. She snarled and leaped at me. To my surprise, Darkane dived at her and pinned her to the ground “we must not kill Orius” she said.
           Orius was fighting back now. I was fighting two battles at once. I tore my scythe out of the couch and backed away, flailing at the air, fighting an invisible monster. Darkane and Skylara watched in amusement, ready for the moment when Orius would regain control. He never did. The shadow came out of my mouth and I regained control.
           The shadow zoomed off into another room.
           I dodged Skylara who dived at me as a sabre-toothed tiger and swung my scythe at Darkane who was brandishing two Japanese knives. She sidestepped easily and threw one of her knives, I dodged it and it nearly hit Skylara,  who was rising as a lion and had to change into a mouse to avoid it. She leaped as a salmon and landed on my back as a lemur while Darkane used the element of air to bring back her knife, she then ran at me. I jumped to the side as Darkane sprinted at me. She missed me but stuck out her leg so I fell over, landing on Skylara. Skylara turned into a wolf and pushed me aside. Darkane sat on my chest and held her knives to my throat while Skylara  became a gorilla who sat on my legs and held down my arms.
              Orius walked into the room after possessing a soldier, brandishing a handgun which he held to my temple “make one move, and I will cut you up piece by piece”
               I attempted to wriggle free and the sound of gunshot filled the air.

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